That’s Life

Never what I expected, more of what I wanted, less of what I’ve grown to know…but I guess that’s life.
Responsibility to live for, a love I’m learning to adapt to, my open heart could not say no…and I guess that’s life.
Patience of a wise man, frustration of a young mind, my unselfish side will have to grow…and I know that’s life.

Cheated from excitement, lost inside false hope, so tired of reaching for the sky….and I get over that life.
A song simplifies his feelings, the lyrics complicate my heart, the industry infuriates my “why’s?”…I’d die to give you life.
Friends struggle to get by, bills determine their tomorrow, a weak day away from “good-bye”…but I can’t accept “that’s life”.
Family full of dreams, dollars below making it, miles away from staying strong…but I know that’s life.
A woman lives to wonder, a heart beating to make a difference, her soul fighting to heal their sorrows…a poetic peek into my life.