Salt Grain

A usual night of primping and prep,
We ride in a limo and take that first step-
Out on the carpet, they’ll yell out your name,
it’s the glitz and the glamour some like to call “fame”.
A shiny wrist band determines to all,
who’s part of the “in” crowd and who’d take a fall-
Into this world that seems like a dream,
but what you are chasing is not what it seems!
Once the cameras, flash in your face,
it’s not about you, there’s no time to embrace-
The world that you’ve created doesn’t hold true,
because it gets to a point where you’re not really you.
It’s like a big cycle where you try to impress,
with the “who are you wearing?” and the rest of that mess.
It’s a big game, of “who do you know?”,
“Where do you come from?” won’t get them a show.
So on my drive home, in my own car,
I don’t really fantasize about being a “star”.
I turn up the music – my eyes on the road,
It’s just a simple pleasure, to take of the load-
Of the chaos that night, which becomes new dreams in my head,
but it’s important you read but don’t judge what I’ve said.
Just let God guide you through your own dreams coming true…
It’s all about learning and remaining true to who’s