A Letter to Myself

Like many of us, I’ve gone through a very trying year. Those who know me know I usually let out my most raw emotions by putting pen to paper or in this case, my index finger on this tiny little screen (which I should add is currently cracked! My brother Hector is probably cringing at the fact I’m still typing on it and I’m not using my iPad or lap top! Ha ha! I know. I know). So, basically I’ve never been one who could say exactly what I wanted to say on the spot good or bad and I’ve used my writing as my own personal source of healing. In return, since a very young age, I now have a collection of poems/writings I’ve kept that actually chronicle some of my highest highs and the lowest lows of my life to date. Some are just pure comedy!

Last year I wrote a poem to myself called ‘Love Letter’. I wanted to remind myself that it’s ok. All of it. It is and it all will be ok. I had to constantly talk to myself. “Let go, Let God. One day at a time, one day at a time…” Honestly, some days my mom reminded me to take things one minute at a time. Sounds dramatic but it helped. I’m use to reading and posting positive quotes and I can encourage and motivate other people for days but it had been a while since I shared that same intent and love with and for myself. An old friend came into my life almost serendipitously recently. I shared some of my poems with her and she encouraged me to share them with all of you. I’ve thought about writing a blog for years. I even have a few entries already written. But for some reason, the timing wasn’t right or I talked myself out of it. Who’d care to read it, etc. This time, this particular poem kept sticking out. I decided I want to share a type of “Love Letter” with all of you. I have read your positive comments on my quotes or pictures and I want to give that back to you. Every week day I will write you a new “Love Letter”. Sometimes it’s easier to give advice than take it so with these little daily reminders, I can force myself to be on the outside looking in and hopefully help and encourage all of you along the way. I’m looking forward to your feedback and hopefully getting some love letters in return! Below is the inspiration and my first “Love Letter”.

Love Letter

I need to write a love letter to myself.
An it’s gonna be ok, just breathe letter to myself.
A Dear Valery, it’s me, check in with yourself.
A don’t be afraid to cry, I’m fine letter to myself.

I need to write a hope letter to myself.
A hold on tight, just fly, letter to myself.
A Dear Valery, it’s me, have faith in your SELF.
A don’t be afraid to smile, take care letter to myself.

I need to write a dream letter to myself.
A stay focused, shine bright letter to myself.
A Dear Valery, it’s me
fall in love with yourself.
An it’s just the beginning, hold on tight letter to myself…

Love always,