9/8 Your Love Letter:

Look up!

So simple. So magical. Today, take several moments when you’re outside to stop what you’re doing and look up. You are such a grateful person and you usually welcome each day with a silent sense of awe. With that said, you’re always so busy. You rarely let go of your phone, you’re usually on the go, or you’re constantly thinking of what’s next.

Today, if you’re usually in doors, have lunch outside. Watch the sunset. Take a few minutes to gaze up at the stars. Remind yourself of how beautiful this Earth is. Take in how teeny tiny we are in this massive, un explored universe. Those are the moments that give you life and ultimately fuel your reason to keep on going.

I can’t tell you how often I look up, especially at night. The stars truly take my breath away. It’s just unreal when you consider the entire universe and everything there after! We are so small. Our “problems” are not as big they feel. Life is miraculous. Soak in its beauty!

Look up.


Love always,