9/2 Your Love Letter:

You’re doing as much as you can!

You are so driven, easily motivated, and can usually pick yourself up and keep trekking. But sometimes, some days, you completely start picking yourself apart. The effort isn’t matching your ideal result and staying motivated is taking more and more mental energy. I get it! It’s not easy to be the optimistic one all the time. It gets frustrating to fight through again and again and still feel like it’s not enough. Today, and I know this isn’t easy because I’m telling myself as I tell you, just pick out the things you LOVE about yourself. When you look in the mirror, tell yourself you’re beautiful. Weird right? But why? You are Queen compliment and you always tell others how good they look so why does it feel so odd (and maybe not genuine) when you tell it to yourself? I don’t know.

I struggle with this often and I can honestly say, probably like you, I don’t see what other people see. Now don’t get me wrong, I have my days when I feel pretty or sexy and confident! And I’m super lucky I get professionals to do my hair and makeup and dress me when I go to work. It’s definitely a confidence booster and let’s be real, fun! But the days when every flaw and insecurity sticks out, it’s hard. I revert back to the girl in that picture. Socially shy, super insecure and uncertain of what I have to offer that’s different (a good different) than the next person. I have heard people who have been overweight and lose the pounds, say they still feel like the person they were with the extra weight. That’s who they see. Or on the opposite spectrum. Anyone who has suffered from an eating disorder in general. No matter what others say to them, their body image is distorted.

Today, even if you have no where to go, wear something that makes you feel happy. Listen to a song that makes you feel alive! Remind yourself that you are doing as much as you can and each and every little thing about you make you, you. You are perfectly, imperfect, unique and beautiful – YOU. Stop being so hard on yourself!

Love always,