9/17 Your Love Letter:



You’re pretty resourceful. You get things done, organized, cleaned, bought, written, cooked, etc. You were born to multi-task and although you don’t always love doing it, you’re good at it. Your friends know if anyone can get it done, it’s you. That said, you run yourself dry so often! You have great ideas, your new project at work is running smooth, your kids are involved in every activity, you squeeze in a lunch date and a workout in your already busy schedule but you need to learn to delegate! Don’t be afraid to ask for help if it’s at school, work or at home! We all know you can do it but give yourself a little break. Start trusting others to help you a little. Or a lot!


Today, if there’s an activity you’re responsible for or have been assigned to, find a way to delegate some of your responsibility to others. Imagine the possibilities if you get better at asking for help! You can do it! You do everything else great!