9/16 Your Love Letter:


Today I want you to relax. Scratch that, I need you to relax. You are go, go, go! Your To Do list is never empty and if you’re not ‘To Doing’ you’re catching up with the people in your life, over booking yourself, trying to make everyone happy.

I understand getting things done, “no pain, no gain”, “stay ready so you don’t have to get ready” mentality but you there needs to be balance. Give yourself a break. Breath a little. Stop booking every minute of your day with some task. You can’t burn yourself out! Well, I retract. You can. You will. And you are.

Today, don’t be so hard on yourself. Do as much as you can and then let it go. Start back tomorrow. Be more specific with your time management. Do something for just you. I’m personally super hard on myself if I can’t get everything I hoped to accomplish completed that day. It’s as if I lost my own little To Do race. Get over it. To Do yourself again tomorrow. Today, just relax!


Love always,