9/15 Your Love Letter:

Fall in love with life again!


Yesterday, I met my good friends new born. It was the first time I held a human life just days old. He was perfect. I got emotional looking at little Logan because well, he was my friends first baby and two, he was so new. Everything for him from here on out is a first. He is entering this crazy world with no expectations, no false hope, no hurt. Everything is possible. All he wanted was to be snuggled up into a teeny tiny “burrito”, be held, fed, loved on, cleaned and start it all over again. Simplicity at it’s finest. I was so moved I even dreamt about little Logan last night! Baby fever? Maybe now! But truly just holding this fresh new life was just magical.

Today, I want you to try and see things as a child would. Life is so crazy beautiful. It’s miraculous. It’s all really simple at the core. Our life and circumstances and baggage complicate things. It doesn’t need to be. Love life again. Love opportunity. Love breathing and laughing and eating and loving. We only have one. Growing old is a gift. Embrace each and every second of that.


Love always,