9/14 Your Love Letter:

It is possible!

As you’ve gotten older you feel things aren’t as tangible as they were maybe 10 years ago. I’ve heard you say you are not in your “prime”. Opportunities seemed to flood your way so much easier and mapping out a plan of action wasn’t ever something you had to think about let alone do.


Today, I want you to think back when you did the “dream boards” or the day dreaming. Remember that confidence you had and that “you can’t stop me” attitude. What you aspire to do or achieve are your possibilities! Don’t let that go! I understand that life gets in the way and sometimes the more uphill your climb the harder it is to take that next step. You can do it. Give yourself some time to remember how things were when dreaming came easy. Step into the you when fear or self doubt didn’t overpower “reality”. That you is still in there! I know it may not be as easy as it was back in the day but it is still possible. You have so much more experience and life now. Own that. Utilize it to your best ability. Run with it!

Love always,