9/11 Your Love Letter:


This morning I honestly felt so down. I made the mistake of watching some 9/11 specials and it brought back all the pain so many people were feeling and that overwhelming gush of hopelessness. I couldn’t shake it. I only say it was a mistake because it deeply affected me in a way I really wasn’t prepared for. I just felt for these people on TV. It’s like it was yesterday for everyone involved. It’s so sad.

Today, I just want you to remember and reflect. I have no direct link to any 9/11 loss but so many other people I know and more people I don’t, do. And that’s enough. My heart goes out to you who suffered in any way on that tragic¬†day.

Let’s remember those who passed and those who risked their lives trying to help and rescue our co-workers, our friends, and our families. We are strong. Together we’re stronger.

Love always,