9/1 Your Love Letter:

Nourish your relationships!


You are a social butterfly. Ok well maybe not all the time but you pride yourself in the sweet and loving people you surround yourself with. Today, call a friend you haven’t talked to in a while. Write your grandma a letter! Have coffee with your significant other before you each start your day. It’s so easy to get caught up with our daily routine, the To Do list, our chores, etc. If we can post a pic on Instagram or sit and write a “Love Letter” hehe, then we can make time for the special people in our lives we love. I’m super guilty of getting so worried and occupied with what I have to finish right away that I sometimes miss the moments that are important right now. I love the way you prioritize things and I admire all the different relationships you keep healthy. Having balance is easier said than done! Today, keep doing what you’re doing but take a little extra time from all the things you need to get done for the people who make your life happy. I promise you, when I call my grandma’s out of the blue or an old friend, it not only makes their day but I feel so gushy and warm inside after. Those human connections are everything.

Love always,