8/31 Your Love Letter:

It will all come back to you in abundance!
You’ve had some highs and lows when it comes to your finances. You’re a hard worker and you continue to thrive but it seems like life’s unfortunate surprises find a way to bring you down when you finally found a rhythm in things. Maybe you’re at a low right now. You just want to cry about your situation because in this very moment, it seems like it’s not getting any better. You’re getting “picked on” by the Universe. Please try and detach yourself from the emotions money has on you. I know it’s not by any means easy! Trust me.
I saw this quote this morning and it unfortunately reminded me of some people I have known. We’ve all met them! They thrive in the “power” they think it gives them. Or like this picture above, their “score”. They believe that because it has brought them “happiness”, it can make everything better. That their money can hide different truths or in some cases, lies. My loves, it absolutely can’t. The truth is, this ebb and flow you’re in will continue and that’s a GOOD thing! Your flow is on it’s way! I wish for you all of the abundance you’ve ever needed but it’s important to consciously work at accepting your situation and not letting that possible low time steal your joy.
I think about the times I’ve volunteered Children’s Hospital of LA. These beautiful kids have terminal conditions and yet they laugh and and smile and their spirit feels free. They are dying. Even typing that out feels like a punch in my stomach. These innocent children are at what to us would be the ultimate low and yet they still obtain their joy. Because it’s theirs. We’re born with that. These angels teach me that happiness, joy, love is ever flowing through your soul. That as long as your heart beats you have an abundance of things to smile about.
Today, try and detach yourself from fear or disappointment. Invite joy into those parts of your brain that have told you in the past that this situation or that situation means you should be stressed or sad. Free yourself, if even for a moment, of that weight. Take a deep breath — and now exhale all your worries. All the good – it’s coming back to you in abundance!
I’d like to thank my family and friends (you know who you are) because if I were to lose everything tomorrow, I still live in ABUNDANCE because of all of you. Seriously though.
Love always,