8/27 Your Love Letter:

I just wanted you to know I’m proud of you.

Today I want you to soak in everything you’ve accomplished, overcome, fought through and have prepared for. You are a warrior. I know it’s been a roller coaster of emotions lately but look at you! You have gracefully accepted life’s challenges and are actively choosing every single day to change the ending of your story. That isn’t always easy. Scratch that! That is never easy! I love the way you smile when you’re happy but how we can all read you like a book when things aren’t going as smoothly as usual. You’re real. You’re in the moment. You have never played the victim even after all of the unpredictable things life has thrown at you. You inspire me more than you will ever truly know. I re-read a quote I fell in love with a few years ago just this last weekend. It says:


The very first time I ever read this it spoke to me so profoundly. I had days where nothing could motivate me to feel good about myself. I wasn’t excited to do the things I loved. The people I trusted the most let me down. I was devastated and disappointed. But I was ok! I am ok! It wasn’t easy but I made the choice!

You are making these positive decisions in your life through the good times and the bad! I am so proud of you. You continue to barrel through. You hold your head up high with dignity and class. You never make excuses. You motivate me! Today, just let that sink in. All of it. Everything you are and everything that has gotten you here. Right now. In this very moment. Be proud of yourself. You are doing a really, really good job at being beautiful you. No one can do it better.
Love always,