8/25 Your Love Letter:

I miss hearing you laugh!

Today, I literally want you to LOL! Not just in a text or a tweet! A legit, fully committed, genuine, “I can’t breathe” kinda laugh! They say laughter is the best medicine so today I want you to invite that humor back into your spirit. You’ve been so caught up with work, school, your family situation that I miss that playful side of you. I miss seeing you light up in laughter over something silly. Take a little time to seek the humor in your situation! And okay! If it’s just one of them days (trust and believe, I get it!) and you can’t seem to think anything is funny, pay it forward and make someone else laugh. Trust me! This actually makes me think of my family. When we’re all together I can’t even tell you how much we laugh! Sometimes we don’t even get it but my parents, aunt and uncle are laughing so much the rest of us laugh too. Its contagious! The best is when my mom thinks something is funny. She usually laughs so hard she has to squeeze her little 4″10′ Puerto Rican legs together so she doesn’t pee! It’s awesomely hilarious (and sometimes it was just too late!) Ahaha!!! That’s what I wish for you. Well, without actually peeing! Ha! Ha!

Love always,