8/24 Your Love Letter:

I love the way you love.

Today keep seeing the good in people. You’re not naive and no, don’t mistake your kindness for weakness, but you know how to make others feel special. You have a way of looking pass someone’s “flaws” and seeing them for who they really are. Sure, you’ve been burned but regardless, you still continue to have an open and forgiving heart. That is hard! Seriously, you deserve an award! Walls easily build up and we start losing trust in people but you remain cool, calm and collected. Not that I haven’t seen you angry and honestly I secretly love when you do! There always has to be balance. Deep inside I root you on like, “Yesss! That’s right! That’ll teach them!” You’re rarely a person who steps outside of that “nice” zone so I love that spicy look on you. Is that wrong? Welp! I do. This week, try to remember this about yourself. Shine a mirror on those who don’t do the same. The darkness behind anger or deceit will always come to light. Don’t waste your positive energy trying to figure out how. Just love the way you love and good people will follow suit! That is how love comes right back to you. You have this way of loving people wholeheartedly and bringing them into your life in a way they don’t want to leave. You’re infectious. Don’t ever change. Don’t ever let anyone change that about you.

Love always,