8/21 Your Love Letter:

Like my Mami always told me, “Life is like a…” Just kidding! She says, “Shine, shine, shine!”

Today, I want you to “shine“! I know you may be drained. I understand things are a bit stressful. I know things aren’t necessarily going the way you always planned or maybe even imagined. When they asked you in High School, “Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” This wasn’t exactly it. Honestly, its super way off. But! Guess what, you’re here! Your mission is not over. Your story is only beginning. Your happy ending is yours. Whatever you do, do not compare it to anyone else’s. Remember that. Some days faking a smile or being “on” feels like too much work and let’s be real, sometimes it flat out is! And that’s ok! That is life. That is learning. That is growth. That is change. You absolutely have to allow yourself that ‘me’ time. Cry. Sulk. I mean shit! Go ahead and eat that warm peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream on top you’ve been craving your whole birthday month (guilty!) and then – let – it – go! Don’t ever let anyone (even if that someone is you sometimes) drown out your inner light. After all, that is what I love about you! Shine on!